Gratitude is riches.

A bit cooler and windy today, so I went to the movies and saw Pain and Gain.  Turns out it is based on a true story.  Rather gruesome and does not seem real, but it really did happen.  They even showed the photos of the actual people at the end.  Described as a Dark Comedy.  For me, much more dark than comedy.  I kinda really wanted to leave, but since it was a true story, I really wanted to see what happened.  Unbelievable.   Went to Jamba Juice, Safeway, library, post office and listening to an audiobook “Born to Run”.  Someone said on their website that this book inspired them to run.  I am on CD 5 of 9 – so far – I am not inspired.  haha  Surprise!  Perhaps the inspiration comes at the end of the CDs.  Also, today I bought an insulated bag at Lucky’s to keep frozen food in up to three hours.  I like to buy ice cream and popsicles and always seem to get side-tracked when I do.  Now, I can relax a bit more.  You know I need to relax!  lol  Big problems – no problems.  Melted frozen treats –  Look Out!

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