Great things come into your life when you let them.

Straightened out confusion with PG&E this morning.  They have two different websites and made payments so confusing.  Fortunately, my payment had gone through and customer service helped me eliminate the other one.  My CPAP machine helped me sleep better last night, but, it feels like my mask is ALREADY leaking.  Sooooooooooo….  I emailed SethDeborah Roth in Castro Valley and inquired if hypnosis can help with sleep apnea and also weight loss.  Hope to receive an email answer back in the next few days, since today is Saturday.

I hadn’t looked into one of my favorite blogs by George Lehrer of Tioga George at  .   Coincidentally, he had not been posting all of this time!  He literally JUST started re-posting.  Sadly, two really kind and sweet men who he had become very close to, who have done extensive work on his RV – were shot and killed – in their beds – a couple of days ago.  And he was there when they found them.   It’s amazing what the human spirit can endure.  It makes you take a deep breath – and say – “Let’s keep going”.  What else can you do.

I received an email back from SethDeborah Roth and she is Very Encouraging about working with both sleep apnea and weight loss.  I really want to call her and schedule an appointment.

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