Happiness is having your own library card.


Now, I validate how busy I have been this past year.

I woke up in a sweat last night.

Realized that I do not have a local library card.

How can that be possible.

That is always the first thing I get.

Guess it’s the internet.

Still, I rushed right over when the library opened this morning and got my library card.

Sigh of relief.

Had dinner with Skipper and Cheri.

Ribeye steak, baked potatoes, asparagus.

What a Delicious Dinner!

Scraped my plate Clean! lol

Cheri’s mom does not feel well with her broken shoulder. She is with her two sisters for nine days.

She wants to fly home to Texas.

Her sister Freida is going with her until Jean is well enough to be on her own.

So, Skipper and Cheri are on the computer trying to schedule flights for next week, since this weekend we are expecting rain all weekend. Also, Monday is a holiday. Turns out Jean was born in 1930, so she is 86 years old. Healing takes so much longer as we get older. I think the doctor said it would be at least six months for her shoulder to heal.

As for me, I have been diffusing Clove Essential Oil all day.

Hmmmm, smells so warm and wonderful.

Perfect for a winter’s day.

Though it did reach 71 degrees this afternoon.

Think it may rain late tonight.

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