Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.

Got restless today. Had lunch at Rosa’s Mexican food. Drove to Eugene. Nah… Drove to Salem. Better. Somehow, I believe I have tripped my GFIC button. I’m pretty sure it is in my A/V cabinet…. but I just cannot seem to locate it. This happened once before, and I went to an RV Repair shop and they flipped the button. I thought it would be easy — but, I just cannot locate the button. So tomorrow I will find another RV Repair and have them specifically show me the button. I have looked everywhere, but I just don’t see it. I am really interested in the new EcoTrek and VoltTrek, but they are only available on new RoadTreks. I am really tempted to check into it. I could run my air conditioner, microwave and everything without
hook-ups. Which is exactly how I like to RV. It’s a crazy idea, but rather practical for me. It might be a little too soon. Since the Portland RV show had zero Roadtreks, I may venture all the way to Pomona for their RV show. But then would need to drive all the way back to Seattle to see my play Buyer and Cellar. Lots of miles. But…. I think I will.

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