Hard times get easier sooner than you think.

You know, I honestly wonder if I am a bit allergic to my own house.  My eyes felt comfortable all day, and every since I came home, they have been driving me crazy.  Perhaps moving will be the healthiest thing for me ever!  Tony and Susan flew in this morning and we to Southland Mall and then had lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  Bill Mack brought his friends over and sold our couch and a few other things and he gave me $200!!!  What a happy shock and surprise.  Hope the coach sells soon, as I am ready to take the next/first step.  Especially, if it makes me feel healthier!  Susan broke out in a rash almost immediately, just being in our coach and my car, because of Luigi having lived here for so long.  Can’t wait to get tomorrow over.  Not looking forward to it.  Though I do want to always hold that peaceful look in my mind forever.  It feels so right in the scheme of life and the unknown.  Peace Universally Eternally.


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