Hello sun in my Face. Hello.

Last night had Popeye’s chicken with Cheri. Skipper came in after. He had driven to Anaheim and picked up Cheri’s two aunts from the airport and drove them back to Yucaipa. Big fire, call the Blue Cut fire, so he had to drive around the long way because the fire is so bad.

Tonight had tacos with Skipper and Cheri. Poor Skipper left his keys in the house, and had trouble getting me to get his door open. But, we finally connected and it worked out. I went on a few errands and shopping with him.

I got lots of the little things I wanted to do today, but, again, did not get to the big things. And I am going to have workers in my house the next few days. NOT looking forward to that – Again! Seems there are always workers here. We keep doing the same projects over. Cross fingers, it will get done right this time.

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