Back to Bend

August 13, 2015

Tonight I am writing my blog in my word processing program on my MacBook Pro, as I do not need internet connection to access it. When I am back in town with internet connection, I will copy and paste this into my daily blog. Well, same old me. So excited. Got to the gettogether early, about 10:00am. The fourth Roadtrek to arrive. I think they are expecting about 30 vans with about 50 people. And, of course, what do I do next. Stay in my van all day and all night. Yep. I don’t know why this happens to me over and over and over. So, tomorrow, I either venture out and enjoy, or just head on out. We’ll see. Overall, I rather enjoyed myself. Munched all day on fruits and other goodies. Read. Listened to music. Napped. Very cozy in this van. Even though it was supposed to be up to 93 degrees today, it did get hot, but without the humidity, I actually did rather well. Used the fans. Afternoon, it gets a little bit too warm, but after being in the south, I 100% prefer this. I do miss not having an internet connection. Cannot even seem to make a telephone call. But, I have lots downloaded , so lots of entertainment. Just not that comfortable not being able to be in touch. Well, just for a couple of days or so. It will be getting dark soon. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday August 14, 2015
Back in Bend. Just didn’t want to be at the gettogether. Enjoyed the ride back to bend. Suddenly it is very windy. Off the road just in time.

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