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Went to Pleasanton and renewed my drivers license this morning.  Only need eye test and picture.  After ten years, they still did not need me to take the written test.  Bought our last meal – one flauta, one taco, two super burritos – from La Imperial today.  This is their last week.  They are closing.  Sure will be missed.  The Heater guy came with the new part and fixed our heater today.  We just realized that last year our heater went out also.  We looked up the paper work – this is a new heater.  It is only seven years old.  Hmmmmmm…..  didn’t think we should be having so much trouble with a brand new heater.  This was one of those wonderful days, where I ran all around town and had it all to myself.  Aaaaahhhh…. I really enjoy these days.  Keep trying to have more of them lately.  They are very helpful for my mental health.  They feel more normal.  And relaxing.  And less stressful.  Auntie Isabel had her eye surgery.  Recovery is a little trying, but she is a seriously good trooper.  Henry, across the street, is in the hospital.  Has heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease.  Needs to go on dialysis.  He is very sick.  I sure enjoyed that caramel apple from Gala Bakery last night.  Delicious!

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