Hey you, believe in yourself today!

Even though these are all brand new, steel doors; I have to buy brand new doors again because all of the frame and everything is only sold with the door, not separately. I really don’t want to have to do it, but I definitely am doing it today, because these doors are so far from being correct. It’s just one of those little things that can make you go a little bit crazy, but I am biting the bullet and have Happy Doors!

The washing machine repairman is also coming today. I believe they are sending the Head Technician. Sure hope we can correct the problem.

My windows are hopefully also being completed today. And we are going to stucco texture one wall and see the color. I think that is my weakest area. I thought I wanted dark color. Now I think I want a light color. We are going to try something in the middle, but this area, I wish I had someone else help with. I only know what I like when I see it. I really can never picture it before hand. Not as far as colors, decorations or anything like that. I am better at picturing myself doing something. But once it’s done, it is permanent and I will just have to live with it. (Scary). lol (It’s just color).

Later this afternoon, Skipper and I are driving, mmmm… I forget where. A couple hours from here. To a Protandim meeting. But, the reason we are going is he is hoping to find someone who might be able to recommend a gastroenterologist to help him with his Crohn’s. I’ve read that medical marijuana oil can help, but I guess it is not approved by the Federal government and he says no until that happens.

Day 8 of Spudtember. Doing good. It’s nice not to think about food all of the time. Though, I still think about it too much. Would love to go back to when I was young, and I never thought about food. Would love to go back to my original weight of 108. Guess that is just a big dream, but why not dream. They are my dreams. It would feel so nice not to be hauling around all this extra me. We’ll see. Just dreaming right now.

Just got home at 11:30pm. Skipper and I drove to Laguna Nigel for a LifeVantage meeting. My favorite part was he had Mongolian dinner buffet before we went to the meeting. And after the meeting he had two packages of beef jerky and a Skor candy bar. I was so satisfied from the potatoes I had before we left, that I was not tempted to have anything with him. Sure hope this continues. This full, satisfied feeling is making it easier to continue.

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