History Tonight First Woman In United States to Accept Presidential Nomination

I’ve been engrossed with C-SPAN all week watching the Democratic National Convention. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I like C-SPAN because they give you live, uninterrupted coverage, and especially because they don’t have all the nonsense commentary you get on all the other channels. I watched the live coverage of the Republican National Convention and was so disgusted. No commentary was necessary.

Well, looks like more work to be done at back unit. New property management is sending someone out to see how much more work needs to be done. Might as well get it all done now. I’m really not too surprised.

Quick follow up. No, Handyman Chuck never did show back up from a month ago. No, they did not bring my new garbage can lid this week – again. And, no, the washing machine repair man never called or came back to repair my washing machine. See! Busy as usual. And, no, I haven’t done my taxes yet still for last year. And I got some velcro ties to organize my cords…. but, as usual…. now what do I do with them? Whew. It never ends! lol

One exciting thing happened today. My niece Stephanie that I have never met contacted me on Facebook. Pretty exciting. Who knows. Maybe one day I will get to meet her. And she lives in Idaho Falls. I went there with CoCo and we spent a few days with her son. I fell in love with the city. I’d love an excuse to go back there.

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