Hold fast to your dreams!

Here we go again.  I still have my cough but the inhalers and medicine I have been taking have been keeping it under control.  But when I cough it is just as strong and deep as before.  This morning I had a nice big vomiting session that tasted exactly like the inhalers and medicine I have been taking.  Needless to say, my body has never been tolerant of pills or drugs or medicines.  Sooooo, today I will go buy fresh ginger and start drinking hot ginger tea and go to the health food store and buy a bottle of Clear Lungs.  In the past these two things have given me the most help.  Guess I should have done this eight weeks ago when I first got this cough.  You just always think these things will go away.  Cross fingers I get rid of this deep cough.  Health is Happiness.  Meanwhile, something called Mixi.DJ Toolbar has affixed itself as my default home page on my computer and I have to spend time finding out how to remove this intrusive nuisance.  Honestly, I think I spend more time cleaning up the computer.  Something Is always attaching itself.  Somehow, it eventually gets worked out, which is good, but it does take a Lot of Time.  Good News!  I have lots of time!  lol  yuck  good news bad news right.  Actually, who wouldn’t want lots of time.  I’ll bet not too many people can say that.

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