Honey wrap for cough and chest mucus.

So what can a Honey Wrap do for you? The specifics

The first ingredient of interest in my opinion wouldn’t be honey, but the coconut oil! Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, therefore it is thought to dissolve the lipid coating (lipid means the “fatty” layer which the virus used as protection) around some viruses and thus makes them more susceptible to attack by the immune system!

Source: Image courtesy www.well-beingsecrets.com
The partner in crime, honey, has often been used orally to temporarily relieve common cold symptoms such as sore, itchy throat and coughing fits. In this case we are attempting to go straight to the source of the issue, the mucus in your lungs, by applying the mixture topically and allowing it to be absorbed into your system.

Recipe: Honey Wrap (adapted from a recipe by besthealthyguide)


Raw organic honey

Coconut oil



Adhesive medical tape


Mix a teaspoon of flour with some honey, and then add some warmed coconut oil.
Apply to a napkin, and place in the center of your chest with some adhesive medical tape.
This all-natural compress can be applied to an adult overnight, or to a child for only 2-3 hours. You should notice some results after the first treatment, but as with all natural treatments time is your friend, and it’s perfectly safe to do multiple treatments over a week.
Source: Image courtesy besthealthyguide.com
Give this method a try! Being an all-natural treatment that uses relatively little of the products in question you can be assured of safety and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, if it isn’t for you, you are now aware of some safety information in regards to common cough-related pharmaceuticals!

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