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Well, I have spent months trying to begin to get organized so that I could begin getting my tax papers together. Yes, I filed an extension and am finally getting started. I have started so many projects in the last two years, it blows my mind. Starting with losing my dad, which is probably the biggest thing to wrap my head around. I miss him. Sold the coach in 24 hours. Is that a record or what! Thank you Bill Mack. Moved directly to Oregon. Within a week of arriving, I had an Oregon driver’s license and had bought my brand new Roadtrek. Hit the road and began traveling in the van. Vacationed for three weeks in Belize. Drove across the whole country by myself and bought a time share while I was in Florida. Crossed lots of things off my bucket list. Bought a duplex in California. Two homes in Michigan and nine lots in Florida. And these are just the highlights. Now, trying to organize this into taxes, and I moved into my home or home base, not sure which. Did not even have a file cabinet. Started from only what was in the van. This has made record keeping a nightmare. Paper wise, this year will never be accounted for well. Just going to take the loss. Will feel so much better, once I really get a little bit of a handle on paperwork. To say I am overwhelmed, is an understatement. I could never put down in writing what all I have been through and actually am still going through. Let’s just call it an Adventure!

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