Hope is right!

LindaRae and I went for lunch at the Canton Restaurant before she left for the Bay Area today. Nice visit. Too fast. I think I am going to take it easy for a while. Take my time. Continue working on my paperwork. Definitely not motivated at the moment. The hot weather has finally arrived. Now, I will begin learning more about my new air conditioner. It did seem to keep my house cooler than Skippers. But will this be too expensive. Yes, I am concerned. Will wait and see. Will likely also get some extra fans to help in this Barstow heat. I enjoy it, but need to learn the best way to be in it for months at a time. New experience. Can’t really do a lot until I get my properties up and ready. Definitely a challenge. Need to stay patient.
Although, spoiling myself while waiting is certainly the right approach!

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