Hope is the best habit there is!

Didn’t drive the rental car today.  Can’t see very well.  Bill Mack let me borrow a pair of his old bi-focal glasses.  It is actually helping me see a little bit better.  Bill also sold the power scooter and power lift on the porch today.  Back to the guy who originally installed it.  The lady that looked at the adjustable beds and sofa last night, brought her family back over tonight, and they bought two of the beds and the sofa.  Tom Roberts, the realtor, was here today with Bill and Margaret – the couple that are buying the coach, along with the inspector.  Pretty much everything looked good.  Received the letter from Norm, the park manager, acknowledging the new couple have been approved to move into the park.  That was definitely a good letter to receive.  Went over to Eleanor Flanagan’s and then we went out to lunch to Jack-in-the-Box.  We took Luie (Luigi) with us, and then took him to the park.  Lots of fun.

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