Hope: It’ll take you anywhere you wish!


I must be starting to feel better.   I’m getting restless!  Oyyyyyy!

My test for sleep apnea didn’t go too well last night.  I am such a restless sleeper and the detector I had to put on my finger while I slept – came off in my sleep.  Oh well, that’s cool.  Did a little running around getting things done today.  Bought a small Maui Wowie Pizza from Round Table for lunch and brought it home and dad and I had it for dinner.  We took a ride this evening and took our neighbor, Norma, to Firestone to pick up her car.  Pretty exciting huh!  That is about the biggest excitement we get around here.  I AM BORED!  I am soooooooooooo glad to be feeling better.  But, I am soooooooooooooooooo tired of living like I’m 88 years old.  Yep!  I must be feeling a LOT Better!  hahahahahahahaaa

Did I mention that Comcast came and added our telephone from AT&T to Comcast.  Now we have UNLIMITED long distance.  Except, that dad and I don’t like talking on the telephone.  But, it’s still pretty cool.  AND, when someone calls, it shows who and from where on our television.  But, you have to look FAST.  It only displays for the first and second ring.  So, I guess we have to get into the habit of looking at the TV and Then answering the phone.  It’s fun to have new toys.  Also, Comcast hooked my computer up to their wireless (which turns out I had available all this time and didn’t know) and my computer is faster and happier – which makes ME Happier!



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