Hope plus action equals satisfaction!

They are really working on the coach across the street.  Fun to watch.  Had lots of fun at lunch today with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Went to Jack-in-the-Box at Fairway Park shopping center.  Somehow they first ended up at Sonic –

which is behind the Taco Bell/KFC building in-between the three restaurants.  We thought we could just meet them there – but, as usual, there was the big mix-up.  lol  Guess we definitely need to meet them at Auntie Isabel’s hairdresser and have them follow us.  Honestly, they are 90 and 94 and we think they are doing an amazing job coming all the way to Hayward from Pleasanton as often as they do.  And they are so much fun to be with.

Little Luigi ate his (cut up) raw chicken breast and I gave him a tablespoon of canned green tripe.  So far, he is frisky, healthy and happy, but……..  he has Not had a bowel movement in several days.  Naturally, this is very concerning.  Think I will try giving him a little olive oil tomorrow.

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