Hope plus effort equals results!

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s this morning.  Lots more phone calls and paperwork.  Cancelled his Home Owners Renters Insurance.  Paid his AAA Road Service.  Trying to find out if we need to keep his Anthem Blue Cross Supplemental Health Insurance.  Going to try to apply for Covered California.  This could save him more than $200 each month.  Went to Bank of America and helped with banking.  We all went to Tina’s for donuts and coffee.  Can’t wait til we don’t have to do six hours of paperwork every time we go visit.  Always something new pops up.  I think it took us about three years after mom died.  Things just keep popping up.  He is getting a lot of packing done and throwing things out.  A long way to go, but it is keeping him nice and busy.  Today, I had the most energy that I have had in weeks.  So happy to feel healthier.  Hopefully, I will be going swimming again soon.

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