Hope puts dreams into action.

Trying to find my way around WordPress.org.  There is a lot to learn, so I am just going to go slow and take my time.  Guess if I don’t love it, I can always go back to blogger.  Suddenly, I cannot remember why it is that I felt I needed to come to WordPress.  Honestly, I have completely forgotten.  haha  I’m sure it will come back to me eventually.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Pretty nice day today.  Dad and Bill Mack went to the morning Walker’s Christmas lunch at Harry’s Hofbrau.   Dad can’t walk with them anymore, but they always invite him to the lunches.  He walked with them for thirty years.  That is his biggest frustration, is his limited mobility.  I’m grateful he can do what he does.  He had a bad accident and hurt his back when he was around 35, and the doctors then told him he would find a time when he could not walk at all – and the Teamsters gave him Lifetime Health Coverage for his back.  So, at 87, that he can do what he does, I feel like it is a miracle.  Auntie Isabel has been having a lot of pain with her teeth.  They are definitely going to remove one tooth, and possibly more.  Nice rainy evening.  Sounds nice.

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