HostelWorld   Just wanted to make a note of this.  Think it would be interesting to try a few hostels traveling the world.  Someday?  We’ll see.

YHA Hostels. They have a unique personality as do most hostel networks. YHA hostels are:

  • Calm: They are not party hostels.
  • Safe: You need to use your room card to enter the hostel building at night and to go on the dorm floors at all times.
  • Affordable: They usually include kitchen and laundry facilities in addition to a low-cost cafeteria.
  • Diverse: YHA hostels tend to attract adults of all ages including seniors and families

Dad went to exercise this morning.  Then he and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse until noon.  Then we drove to Pleasanton and took the walk-thru with Uncle Joe to see the one-bedroom on the first floor that he will be moving into, in about a month.  He couldn’t remember what his doctor told him to do at his appointment recently, so we called, and left a message to have the doctor call us back.  I spent a looonnnnggggg, very long, time with the manager, going over the paperwork we (me) (I) need to collect for his re-certification.  (Of course, dad called me on my cell phone – “Where Are You?)  Uncle Joe had diarrhea all last night.  We were just getting into my car, to bring him to our house for the night, and it happened again – so we left him home.  He is getting very depressed.  Starting to talk about just wanting to be with Auntie Isabel.  I am feeling so stressed out.  At the same time, I am dealing with dad being present, and then, not so much.  It is a little confusing.  No really.  lol  But, bless Carol Mack.  Tonight she brought us over this Amazing, Super Fresh, Bread pieces and home-made spinach dip.  Wow!  It had our tongues Dancing!  Everything just felt Happier!!!  It’s a roller-coaster ride.  One minute normal??, well, for us, lol, the next minute – where did everybody go??  (Mentally).  Well, it’s 11:00pm.  I just took an amazing shower.  Wash off all the craziness of the day.  Get under my amazing Weighted Blanket.  Loving this blanket.

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