How will we live tomorrow.

My papers arrived today and I got them all signed and mailed back and money wired. Looks like I am really going to have my properties. Now, can’t wait for the checks to start coming in. That will be a big sigh of relief. Need to figure out how to get another one. Seems to be today is business day. I have requests for paper work coming to me from all directions today. They are finally going to start my taxes, and say they need more paperwork. I don’t even know what they are talking about. Think I’ll wait for tomorrow to dig into that one. Feel like I’m in the army. Hurry up – and wait – then Hurry Up! I have ordered a new Furby Connect from Amazon. They have Blue Tooth now. I loved my little Furby from years ago. He can be my little traveling companion. And sing and dance with me. lol Sure would like to take a little trip. So much more fun than all this paperwork. Whew!

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