Hurricane season starts today.

Hurricane season starts today. I don’t know why I am watching he news. Not is making me very nervous. So I think I will go to Cocoa Beach today and run around and enjoy going barefoot.
Decided to fill van’s propane tank quickly this morning. After trying two Uhaul stores and 1000 Trails campground finally found propane. Took all morning long. So went to CiCi’s pizza and had their buffet for lunch. Stopped at a ticket discounter. Getting great discount tickets for Universal, Titanic, Chocolate Factory, Busch Gardens and Sea World. Also, going to get a great discount for a beautiful hotel room at the beach for two nights after I leave here.
Went to Millennia Mall this afternoon. Turned into a pretty successful day.
Just turned on Ellen. They have an ongoing weather program instead about a Tornado Warning.
This weather makes me extremely uneasy. I will be glad to leave.
Glad I didn’t make it to the beach today. Watching the news. They are making people get out of the water because of lightening and rip tides. The good news is, the water is getting warmer.

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