I am thankful for everything I have.

Gorgeous morning sun. Love it. Stepped on scale this morning. 167 pounds. This is so exciting. Why this keeps making me so happy – heck, why not! I have wanted this for Years. And it is really, really happening – right now! No more wishing and hoping and searching and yearning. Just the real deal. Do I want to eat other food. Actually, I do. But, not anywhere as much as I truly want to get this fat off of me. I’m never hungry, so that makes it do-able. I know that I am spoiled when it comes to eating all of the fun foods. People literally starve To Death every single day. And here I am, obese. Ridiculous. That is the height of self-indulgence. So darn happy to have found the solution with potatoes. Every day, I have a new High of Happy, when I see the scale shows me getting healthier. And I feel healthy every single day. No more food comas. I don’t care if this is boring for any one else. This makes me Elated with Happiness!

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