I have chose to be HAPPY because it is good for my health.

Went to Kaiser Pulmonary appointment this morning. COPD Chronic Bronchitis is still what I have. Good news it is not generally progressive. Lots of walking and exercise. Bad news is she said that indoor swimming and jacuzzi have a lot of bad bacteria and that I should not use indoor facilities. My favorite thing is to swim, but somehow I will have to figure out a more outdoor way. She said once you get a bad bacterial infection, it can really wreak havoc with my Chronic Bronchitis. Irreversible damage.

Next, I received a Denial for my breast reduction. Of course, I hold “Tammie” completely for this. lol I arrived at 175 pounds to her house. She fed me three Costco platters of delicious Italian salami’s and cheeses – which I inhaled for breakfast every morning for three weeks while I was there. I am now 188 pounds. Definitely worth it! So now, I am going to crash diet – schedule a new appointment with my primary caregiver – and begin the whole process again. The Kaiser weight that I need to be at for the surgery is 180 pounds.

So for today, a little shopping and then I have a reservation for a KOA camp for tonight so I can dump my black tanks and fill my water tanks.

It is only eight pounds. I will do my best to take this seriously and get it off as quickly as possible, and then call and reschedule. I blame myself and it was so worth it.

Went shopping and stopped to get a manicure and also had a wonderful hour-long facial. What a nice surprise treat for myself. So relaxing. Then drove an hour to Cascade Locks KOA. What a beautiful setting. Small cabins. Tall trees everywhere. It is absolutely beautiful and serene. Nice and quiet right now. I imagine this holiday weekend – Labor Day – it will be filled and not so peaceful. My timing is perfect. They even have good wifi.

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