I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Another long, long day of traveling. Went through Billings, Butte and Missoula. Up mountains. Down mountains. Construction. Over and over again. Now I am in Idaho. Staying at Winco. It is 10:30pm. Parked next to another Roadtrek and met Nancy and her two Bishon’s, Buffy and Bella. She gave me a lot of great new tips. She has lots of great stories. Always fun meeting people who are enjoying doing the same thing you are enjoying doing. It was worth the long drive today, just to have this chance meeting. There is still so much for me to learn. It is all so interesting. These long travel days should be winding down. Just really wanted to arrive. Oh, and I called Kaiser today and have an appointment for the 18th. Perfect timing. I need a basic check-up anyway, so glad it is now scheduled. Talked to LindaRae today. Just learned that sweet Bjorn passed away. That dog had such a big heart. It always hurts to lose these “pure love” animals of ours. But so worth to have had them in our lives. Peace to you Bjorn.

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