Rev your recall with one sentence!

Tell yourself, “I know I’ll remember” and your brain will keep working until it recalls what you’re looking for!

Went for a nice walk this morning.  Dr. Chan emailed me last night that I might have a little vertigo.  Good thing is – today I am feeling much better.  Then dad and I picked up Eleanor and Luie and went to the Drigon Dog Park and Luie did all of the obstacle courses and played with the ball and we had a ball.  Then we all came back to our house and we made delicious pasta shells and Carol’s home made spaghetti sauce.  Then Carol brought us over a Delicious – just made – spice cake that Doris and Corky’s daughter-in-law Larissa had made.  Perfect Party!  This afternoon I had a beautiful two-hour swim in our swimming pool.  Beautiful warm day.  Sparkling clear pool, all to myself.  Then I ran over to Walmart.  Then two hours to boil my herbs.  The Oakland A’s won their first game of the playoffs tonight.  Perfect Day!

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