I love straight forward people. The lack of drama makes life so much easier.

How lucky am I. Drove to Salem. It had rained all morning, and the rain broke about 9:00am. So I headed to Salem to the Pentacle Theater. In the woods. So Beautiful. No one was there until about 1:00pm. Box office opened at 1:15pm. I kicked around and had fun. Went to the box office at 1:15 and there was a couple in front of me. They bought two tickets. You won’t believe this – that left exactly only one ticket left to sell! I had been fooling around for four hours and almost missed my chance. But lucky me – I bought me ticket and it was the best play ever. The actors were all really great. The play is
Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon. It was such a fun afternoon. The sun was shining and everyone was happy. Decided to drive back to
Spirit Mountain casino. Had a bite to eat. Think it will be cooler temperature to sleep here tonight. Lots of space with the weekend over and nice and quiet.

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