If you change nothing, nothing will change.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

This really resonates with me at the moment, as I am in Serious Procrastination mode. I have overwhelming paperwork to do, that I don’t know how to do, and currently burying my head in the sand.
Yes, I know, I must pull my head out, but I am going to bury it a little bit longer.
This is a ridiculous pattern of mine. I recognize it, but follow through with it anyway.
Somehow, in the end, so far, I do come through and buckle down and get things done.
Wish I didn’t go through all this resistance first.
Would be much further ahead.
Tell myself I’m only human, and to give myself a break.
Dumb ass.
Just Do It!
Don’t want to.
See the struggle.
I’m the only one paying the consequences for this behavior.
It is so me.
I exhaust “Myself”.
Need a nap.
The end.

Received my Medicare Card.
Called Kaiser and used my new Victorville post office box and enrolled with
Kaiser’s Senior Advantage Plus to begin January 1st. Looks like it will be approved.

Oh, cool side note.
I realized that my new post office box number is the same as
Barbra Streisand’s month and year birthday!

Now that is a Fun Perk!

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