If you live your life in truth, the truth will out.

Driving van to Las Vegas this morning. Winds have gone way down. Leaving early so that I can take my time today. Just want to enjoy the drive. Skipper says to stop by Ethel M’s Chocolates and take self-guided tour and pick up some liqueur filled chocolates. That sounds like fun.

Definitely glad that I stopped at Ethel M’s Chocolates. Tiny, but very interesting. Especially their outdoor cactus garden walk. Bought some chocolates and, of course, carmel apples! Delicious!

Tonight I am staying at the RV park. RV parks are really just large parking lots, that they charge you a lot of money. They only have space for me tonight. No space for me for the weekend. Hope the hotel has a room. I’ll check tomorrow. Didn’t really want to stay there because it is so expensive, but I’m here now, so now I hope they even have a room. lol Never easy, is it?!? Oy!

The weather is gorgeous, so I am feeling very happy. It just seems to work that way. Yeaaaaaaa

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