If you turn the corners of your mouth up a little, you’ll feel much lighter.

So happy because lately I have been able to post on my laptop. Finally figured out I don’t need to set up my Jetpack Hot Spot, just turn on my cellphone wifi hotspot. So much quicker and easier. If I am going to use my laptop for a long time, then use Jetpack, because it does draw down the cell phone power quickly. But for a quick update, it is perfect. Also, learned to sleep on the left side. Aids digestion and relieves acid reflux. Going to begin sleeping on my left side tonight. Tomorrow I pick up a FedEx package and move on down the road. Loving being on the coast. The weather is perfect and making me so happy. Also, want to start eating more alkaline foods. That one is tougher, but I am going to start by increasing, and take it as best I can. Just start making a more conscious effort.

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