If you want to be happy, BE.

Great morning. Went swimming for an hour an 24-Hour Fitness in Tualatin. Really nice facility. Enjoyed the jacuzzi and shower. Using the wifi at Lowes and going to the movies to see The End of the Tour – because it is going to be very Hot today. Late this afternoon I go back to the dentist and have my permanent on-lay on my tooth. Then heading to Lincoln City. It is by the ocean. Should be cooler and have things for me to do. One thing is walk on the beach. Think I need to literally lose one to two pounds to be eligible for the breast reduction, so might as well get started on that right now. All of my blood tests came out fine. Hope we can get the surgery scheduled sooner than later. I Am Ready.

Dentist went well. Got 15 miles out of town. Traffic was at a complete stop. Temperature was reading 115. Oil was showing low. And the shadows were already getting long. Turned around and came back and staying at a motel tonight. I’ll start fresh again in the morning.

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