I’m not here to figure it all out. I’m here to love life and to allow it to love me back.

Drive Drive Drive Left motel at 6:30am and drove All Day Long – until 5:30pm Through Ohio, Indiana and half-way through Illinois. Oiy – going through the Turnpike through Chicago – I do not have nice words! And this Turnpike never ends. Tolls Tolls Tolls Tolls

I am So Happy that I am leaving this part of the country. Thought about staying in my van, but there is no where to really pull over and it is 99 degrees and still muggy. Not as muggy. But too hot. I took a quick look at my map. I am going to be driving for some time. I do think the worst is over though. I think Iowa and South Dakota will have much less traffic. Probably even this side of Illinois should be so much easier than this Chicago part. They take you off the through ways and dump you into all the locals. Too much traffic.

I still have almost 1,000 miles to drive to Mount Rushmore. I think it is out of my way, but most likely South Dakota is Always out of the way. lol This seems like as good a time as any to drop by.

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