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This morning we took Cheri’s 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Classic (Classi) to Ramon’s to have her back driver’s side window repaired.  It will not go back up.  We got there at 10:00am and the girl, Jennifer, overslept and did not arrive until 11:00am.  While they showered, dad and I ran to J.C. Penney’s and picked up some Lee jeans that I had ordered.

At 12:16pm today, Friday the 13th, September 13, 2013 I was able to wear my new Size 16 pants.  This is the first time that I have been in a size 16 in twenty years!  I was so happy that I cried.  My hypnotherapy for Virtual Gastric Band is really working and I am so happy.

Then dad and I and Skipper and Cheri went to Costco.  After shopping, we all had hot dogs there and came home.  Skipper and Cheri took naps and I went swimming for two hours.  If felt so refreshing.  Dad made us oolio oolio for dinner.  Cheri made us garlic bread.  Delicious Dinner!   Skipper and I picked up their car at 8:00pm and came home and made hot brownies ala mode for dessert.  Another wonderful day.

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