In big and small ways, you’re a miracle worker.

The cleaning lady, Theresa came alone today with Beatrice.  Did a beautiful cleaning job, but my fan/light over my bed has come loose in the middle.  Very dangerous.  Tomorrow, we are going to have to figure out how to fix it.  Meanwhile, I cannot use my fan, which I use CONSTANTLY.  It is very hot in my room all of the time.  This morning dad, Skipper, Cheri and I went to The Ranch Restaurant on Mission at Jackson and had a fabulous breakfast.  At noon we were at Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel’s and later we all went the The Carvery Harry’s Hofbrau in Livermore.  We were so full I had two small salads and dad had a chocolate cream pie for lunch.  We came home and Cheri and I went swimming in the pool and the Jacuzzi.  Did two loads of laundry, sheets and towels, and then made a delicious home made brownies with walnuts with ice cream and chocolate sauce on top.  Amazing dessert.  We called cousin Debbie on the iPhone Talk Time and sang Happy Birthday to her.  Cheri just put some Serenity essential oil on the bottom of my feet that is supposed to help me sleep better tonight.

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