Inflammation in the liver.

Just received an email from Kwang Wellness Center.

Appears I currently have inflammation in the liver. So, the next step is for detoxification of inflammation in the liver. Looks like this step may cause me some physical discomfort.

Extra tired, achy pain, diarrhea, constipation, etc. Need to take extra care during this phase.

This will be a strong detoxification.

This appears that it is going to take much, much longer than I first anticipated.

Yet, it seems like it may actually relieve the mucus in my chest, if I follow through.

So, I am dedicating this next year to do whatever it takes to clear this chest.

The positive side, I will also focus on getting back to a healthy weight.

I know that I feel impatient, but I am going to follow through and get as healthy as possible.

Health is absolutely my number one priority.

Just watched the first half of the Raider game.

We are ON-FIRE! Loving it!

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