This morning I bought cowboy boots to start line dancing at the clubhouse this coming Tuesday night.  Went to acupuncture and my doctor had locked his keys in his office so we rescheduled for tomorrow.  Poor guy.  I gave him hell because he used his mom’s handicap placard and parked in the handicap space.  Told him about my 88-year-old dad who really cannot walk any distance and made the poor guy feel so badly, he moved his car.  It really gets to me that able-bodied people have no compassion for other people.  Since my appointment was rescheduled I went over to Inkies Tattoo Studio on Fremont Blvd. and had my right ear lobe re-pierced.  The back side had closed up.  Decided instead of going to the mall, I’d go to a professional piercing and “hopefully” this time the ear will be healthy and stay pierced.  I’ve been struggling with this right ear lobe for forty years.  Always getting infectected, or closing.  I enjoy wearing earrings, and it is always a challenge. Went to Walgreens on the way home and bought Saline Wound Wash spray to treat to keep the earlobe clean.   Tonight went to the pool and Jacuzzi.  Made tomato and cucumber salad.

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