What a day!  I have been having so much trouble with my computer and called Yahoo.  Was told that they, nor Norton Virus, could help me.  That ONLY a Microsoft Technician Level II could help me.  They got me connected with a technician.  It took ALL Day Long and cost me $349.00!!  Said I had been invaded by out–of-the country people and that in crossed over to my printer, router, and any other phones or hardware connected to my computer.  Like 97% of my computer.  Not Happy.  Dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Burger King.  Let’s just be polite and say that everyone is “losing it”.  lol  Could not use the pool, because the wind has blown so much tree debris into the pool, you really cannot use it.  Dad and I had delicious oolio oolio for dinner.  So happy to be in my quiet little room relaxing tonight.

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