Is your refrigerator running, if so I would vote for it.

Heh heh. Honestly, the world is crazy. Gotta laugh. I just have to get back on the road again and get away from television. Draws me in, like the sucker I am. lol

Got lots of laundry done this morning. When the sheets were in the spin cycle, the washing machine went crazy again. Guess the heavy duty shocks, not so helpful. Maybe I just am not loading the sheets correctly. Very disappointed.

Making home-made labels to label all of my cords. Once and for all. I never know which cord goes for what, and I always need to know for something. It’s taking me a long time. Hopefully, I will finish tomorrow.

Cleared out all of my pantry. Took lots of bags to local food bank. Going to focus on whole foods more, and lots less processed food.

Good news. My shelves arrived today! So Happy!

Had tacos with Skipper and Cheri tonight. I am going to call Cheri’s hair salon and make an appointment. Lots better parking. Big shopping parking lot.

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