It’ll be okay.

Punxuhtawny Phil predicts six more weeks of winter.

Six more weeks of contented hibernation.

Actually, got out and about and did a little running around yesterday. Even exercised my Roadtrek generator. Need to catch up.
I have been really remiss it keeping the generator exercised.

Found out yesterday, that one of my properties has a small amount of land, with a separate parcel number. Not fun. Need to track down the deed for it, and also pay taxes for it. Have had this for over a year, and this is the first that I am hearing about it.

Today is Tacy’s due date to have Seamus. Tacy is ready. Looks like Seamus is pretty comfy right where he is. By the looks of her belly, he is going to be pretty good size. Definitely full-term.

I may need to pry myself out of the house today for a few more needed errands. It’s a little chilly this morning. we’ll see how the afternoon looks. lol (I am SO spoiled).

Loving It!!!!!

The sun came out this afternoon and I got ambitious.

Went to Spectrum Cable and turned in my cable box and modem box.

Turned off my cable and my landline.

Kept my wifi.

I have two smart t.v.’s, and decided, for now, I just want wifi.

Honestly, can’t take any more Trump on tv.

There’s nothing really to watch any way.

Do have Netflix and Amazon prime and my computer.

That’s enough full time entertainment.

Plus, maybe I will get more motivated, and start finishing up some of this paperwork that so desperately needs my attention.

If I can ever catch up on my important paperwork, hopefully, I can do a little traveling this summer.

Time keeps flying by, and I am not getting my work accomplished.

Need to be more disciplined.


that did not sound good.

Let’s just say, I need to finish up here as best I can.


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