It’s beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s this morning and went through all of his paperwork and mail, etc.  Then we helped wrap up a lot of his knick knacks that we are going to take to the antique store in Niles.  We discovered that we cannot get his China cabinet in my car, so that’s that.  We went across the street and had coffee and donuts at Tina’s Donuts.  Afterwards, we went and got dad a haircut.  Took dad over to the City Sports Club and showed him my new gym.  He LOVES it as much as I do.  Bill and Carol Mack came over and visited when we got home.  Dad cooked up his peppers and we made oolio oolio for dinner.  Such a busy day.  It is already 8:30pm and we haven’t stopped.

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