It’s kind of FUN to do the impossible. Walt Disney

So enjoying being a home-body.

Stick my head out several times a day.

A little coolish.

When the temperature reaches 78 degrees and above, I will be able to use

Distilled White Vinegar

and remove my beautiful green weeds.

The green looks really good in all this desert.

Barstow is definitely the desert!

I put rock in my entire front, sides, and back of my property.

Specifically, to not have to deal with weeds.


If I wrote how many lessons like this that I am learning every single day –

well, I could write a Blog!


Let’s just say, believe me, there are not enough hours in the day, to write all the lessons

I learn every day.

I really don’t know a darn thing, and it really keeps me entertained to learn how much I do not know.

Fortunately, a little groan, a lot of laughter – and I keep moving on.

So contented hanging out.

Will I get motivated again.

My thinking is, possibly when the hot weather returns.

Although, I was pretty contented through last summer.

Still taking my daily “teas” for my chronic bronchitis.

If this were to actually clear up, it will be a serious miracle.

I’m hanging in there and hoping for my miracle.

Read this morning that actor, Bill Paxton, age 61 – has died from complications from surgery.

I truly believe that a strong 90 – 95% of our illnesses/diseases are caused by the foods we choose to eat

and the chemicals we use from our cleaning products, make-ups, air sprays, washing detergents –

Pretty much anything store-bought – are filled with cancer and illness causing chemicals.

How many people do we have to read about who die from prescription medicines and surgeries –

that can actually be avoided if we just take our own health seriously.

I feel so strong about this, and just see a bunch of sheep not taking it seriously.

Think I’ll go have a popsicle and have a party.

Oh yeah, I’ve spent much of this weekend checking in on the giraffe that is about to have her baby.

The baby is going to be 6 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds.

Hey – I weigh 160 pounds.

Yep – I’ve lost thirty pounds – and I’m still fatter that a 6 foot giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!

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