It’s okay to make yourself happy too!

Such a busy day. Yesterday, Skipper and I went shopping at so many stores. First, we dropped my van off at the RV Service until Monday or Tuesday. It turns out, it is also freezing at night here in Barstow, so I had to relent and am getting my van winterized. Also, my back-up camera is definitely not working, so that must be fixed. We had a great breakfast at the 50’s music diner and had chocolate milkshakes with our breakfast. Turns out, I still need to stay away from the milkshakes. But, boy, was that Delicious!

After several stores, we ended up at the Sleep Number Bed Store and I bought an adjustable bed. It will be delivered in about two weeks. They are really working hard over at the duplex, and I should be able to hopefully move in Monday or Tuesday I hope. Cheri cooked an amazing ham and we had it for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Including chow chow! Doesn’t get much better than this. Kicking back right now and watching football. Only, they do not get the Raider games here in Barstow. Have I mentioned lots of blue skies. Loving it!

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