January 9, 2011

Really good sports weekend.  Exciting playoffs in football.  PBR (Professional Bull Riding) has started again.  Luigi is feeling much friskier.  Those shots from the doctor kinda knocked him out for a couple of days.  Now, he is raring to go.  Dad met our new neighbor across the street today.  She is not certain which day she will actually be moving in.  We had delicious steak and peppers, etc. for dinner.  Lots of good leftover sides.  Mashed potatoes, chili stew.  Luigi liked it too.

Our neighbor Bill gave us allergy pills from Costco.  Split them in half and give half in the morning and half in the evening to Luigi.  They have completely eliminated Sadie’s tear stains.  I’ll let you know if they clear Luigi’s stained eyes.

There was only one small rv at the RV show Friday to really look at.  It was about 21′ with a pretty good layout inside, but it had an overhang above the windshield.  I really am a big fan of skies.  California skies.  Colorado skies.  Montana skies.  I love skies and I love driving out in the open.

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