Joan Rivers Died

Toured Cosmos Creations Puffed Corn this morning. Great tour guide. Delicious. He was so great and joined us at our special beer tasting and finger foods this afternoon. We also had a Welcome Lunch and seminar earlier this afternoon. Never did get to the lumber tour. Went shopping with Ellen. Met with Dan. Tomorrow they are going to add a second 100 watt solar panel and 30 amp regulator. MORE POWER! Yea!!! Tonight we played card bingo. Much simpler. Lots of fun. Free. Lots of candy as prizes.

I sadly learned that Joan Rivers has died. My number one favorite comedian. It’s funny how this can affect you so deeply, but honestly it does. It’s part of life, but you just can’t get use to it. It just hurts too much. It’s the loss. One of a kind people that cannot ever be replaced in your life. People who have you laughing out loud. The brightest part of your day. I’ll miss you Joan. That’s for sure.

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