JohnsonRV Sandy, Oregon 8 Hours Today

We left at 7:00am this morning, drove to Sandy and had donuts. Arrived at JohnsonRV at 8:15am and started our walk-through for my new 2013 Class B Roadtrek 170. Turns out no one had prepped it and it had been sitting on the lot for two weeks untouched. After getting lots of minor things attended to, they could not find the second set of keys and we had to wait to have the whole van transported to the Ford Dealer to make duplicate keys and fob. We did go next store and had a great lunch at Calamity Janes and then to the camper store next door. Finally, at 4:00pm we had the van and were off! But, the latch to the shower closet door is not working properly and slammed during the whole trip. Went to Islands Tanning for Red Light and then to Sun West Tanning for tanning. Did not get home until 7:00pm. Very excited about the van, but very exhausted.

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