Joy. It’s what life is made of!

Successful day. Brian and his partner came and textured my ceilings. And Yes they completed it today. So happy to have a finished job. Brian brought his 5-year-old son, Nolan. Cute little guy. He didn’t bring any toys, so I let him jump on my rebounder, which he loved. And then I had just bought a Frosty the Snowman coloring book yesterday – since that is the first time I’ve done that, it must have been fate. He loved it and colored and colored and he took the coloring book home with him. That was good timing. During the last hour, the house was all prepped, so I went down to Skipper and Cheri’s. Then I went back down there tonight and we had pizza for dinner. I have had all the doors and windows and air conditioner and fans and the doors wide open, to air the house out for five hours. I will leave all the fans and all on all night. It definitely needs airing.

Prince died today. I turned on CNN and they had Prince all all day and all night. Yes, I watched. This sure has been a tough year with so many big celebrities dying. They are all in our age group, so it is hard to wrap your head around. I have so much to do. I want to finish up here, which I still think will take the rest of the year. But, I am seriously thinking of taking a little trip. My list is long. Seems time is short. Just want to stay Healthy.

Did I mention I did the comparison test. Went to the health food store for raw walnuts and tart cherry juice, to hopefully sleep better. Bought both a bottle of concentrate and pre-made tart cherry juice. Instant decision. The concentrate is too strong of a taste to take a tablespoon – and I’m too lazy to mix it. The bottled tart cherry juice – Delicious!

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