just breathe

Up early. Getting a little organized. 9:00am meeting with realtor. 10:00am meeting regarding cremation. Looking forward to tonight. Dinner with family. LindaRae, Chrissy, Tammie, Michael, Jessie, Jim and Katie. Jim is making his famous oolio oolio. So happy to be with the family.

Before dinner several of us sat in with Craig listening to his chest rattle and talking and laughing and talking politics which he loves. Then we all went and ate outside on the patio, right outside Craig’s bedroom dinner. And right as dinner was winding down, about 8:50pm., with lots and lots of love and laughter, we discovered Craig had just passed. The perfect ending with the family all joined together. Crying, laughter and everything that goes along with it. Most of the family stayed until almost midnight. So many special moments. So happy to be with family to share. Everyone is coming back tomorrow.

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