Keep calm and eat spuds.

Nice way to begin my morning. Stepped on the scales this morning. 165 pounds.
I am such a fan of potatoes. Is this a miracle or what? Potatoes are making my life so much more manageable. Especially, for getting this fat off. I look in the mirror. Yes, I am still fat. But, I can actually watch my body shape transform right in front of my eyes. Long way to go. But, feeling so hopeful.

Also, the repairs to the properties have been completed in Michigan. We are moving forward. Hope all continues to go well.

Got my burst of energy about 10:00pm last night. Washed and changed sheets. Vacuumed. Made big batch of potatoes. Washed dishes. I can get so much accomplished with these bursts of energy. Wonder how my body will feel when it has another 20 to 60 pounds lifted. This is really happening.

Out the door at 6:00am. Post office, Food-4-Less, Von’s, Walmart. All the usual. I love to do it, because this town is so tiny, I was back home before 7:00am. The weather is absolutely perfect. I love fall. My favorite season. I am hoping, going forward, this is the season I will be able to do my travel. Right now, too much business to take care of. But, that hopefully, won’t be an issue after this.

Yes, no word from Handyman Raymond. His trailer is back in my front yard. Just sitting quietly. For Days. With no word from Handyman Raymond. I have No Idea what this is all about. But my telephone calls only get him here for a few minutes. With lots of broken promises. I figure he has to come back some time. This is going on for months now. (Sound familiar?) I love Handymen. lol

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