Keep moving forward.

Ever feel so grumpy you just want to jump out of your own skin. Even took xanax. Feeling very irritated. On hold for Apple (GeekSquad could not help) to Reset Apple ID Password. Just going in circles. Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh Learning curves can sometimes get to you. Tonight Skipper, Cheri, Jean and I are going to IHOP for Friday night friends dinner. Then to Main Street. And after that we are dropping my their friends Sean and Robin’s house. Right now I am in my van trying to work with my computer. They say they cannot send me a new password for 24 hours – so you know that I am overjoyed having to wait – especially, since we will be on the road to Lubbock tomorrow. Yes I took so more xanax. I am not up to cheering up. I am up for settling down. Very grumpy. No patience. Need to take a walk and calm down.

Had a nice nap. Feeling good again!

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