Wow. I’ve been mostly sleeping the last 24 hours.

Dare I say – I’m feeling pretty awake at the moment. lol

Thinking of going to an open parking lot this morning, and practice backing into parking spaces.
Obviously, been putting this off for two years.

Feeling like this morning, is the first day that I have felt like I have had a little time to actually do this. Honestly, that is how busy I have felt for two years. Feel like I am finally having a slight lull, which I have really needed. Feels good.

Oh, Plus – it looks like I have finally reached 158 pounds. It is obviously coming off much slower right now. Good thing potatoes keep me full and satisfied. Losing weight takes a lot of patience, which I am known for not having. I guess that’s what makes this all so amazing.

But, I do feel that I have reached the point where I feel patience is taking a stand here.

Watching the pounds coming off much more slowly, is more difficult.

But, they are coming off and I SERIOUSLY want them OFF!

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